We are connected!

The WBC is well established in two large Walloon networks: the support and financing of entrepreneurship and that of biotechnology.

This position enables us to be at the confluence of several flows of information and advice, and thus to enable the project initiators and managers that we support to benefit directly from them.

WBC and the centres of competitiveness

As an active member of several centres of competitiveness, WBC is a means for passing on and encouraging participation in the calls and actions launched by them.

Through its interdisciplinary activities across different disciplines of life sciences, WBC is a member of Biowin (health), Wagralim (food processing) and Greenwin (environment and sustainable development).

In addition to the centres that it is a member of, the incubator is also connected to other centres: Mecatech (mechanical engineering), Logistics in Wallonia, and Skywin (logistics).

We are closely linked to a series of private and public operators.

Among the many Walloon and international operators that the WBC is in regular contact with relating to the support of incubated projects, we can note (list not exhaustive):

Public investment companies

Private investment companies

Research centres

CER à Marloie

University spin-off companies

Physical incubators

Business and contact circles

Walloon Region

Production of market studies and business plans