For companies


You have already launched your business and you want to increase its range of activities?

WBC will help you get going.

The services of the incubator for companies

Financial assistance

We have our own financial resources, which are neither subsidies nor aid, in order to accelerate the process of setting up and industrialising incubated companies. The granting and repayment conditions of these amounts are defined on a case-by-case basis in order to provide a solution tailor-made to each project.

Management assistance

We can arrange partially remunerated management appointments through a subsidy from Sowalfin to recruit experienced managers specialised in supporting incubated companies. We can also arrange management appointments before the creation of a company in order to support the first fund raising.

Provision of expertise

We have an established twofold knowledge of the Life Sciences sector and the creation of businesses. This experience, enriched by contributions from experts selected for their specialised skills, is made available to each supported project.

Provision of a network

We are closely connected to the large network of biotechnology industries both in Wallonia and internationally. The supported projects benefit from this network to develop partnerships and accelerate their commercial deployment.


One of the company projects helped by WBC

The incubator helped the Stiernon S.A. company to outsource its food-processing operations into a new particularly dynamic and ambitious spin-out entity.

Stiernon s.a. is a company that was created in 1977 whose main activity is the extraction and production of enzymes and colourings for industrial purposes. A few years ago Stiernon s.a. set out in a new direction: the exploitation of natural compounds for food-processing applications. Several R&D projects are starting to produce the first very promising results. The Stiernon s.a. company wanted to identify the best formula for mobilising and structuring the human and financial resources needed for the rapid development and effective commercialisation of a first range of products.

With the help of WBC, a new company with a clearly defined image and objective was created in 2012 under the name of Oxylent s.a. This spin-out is clearly positioned in the segment of food supplements. After having worked with the managers of this spin-out on the development of an optimised financial plan and having helped raise the capital necessary for its creation, WBC continued its work along two lines.

Firstly by pre-financing a part of the installations for a new laboratory to the level of € 100,000.

Secondly by bringing in a qualified and experienced Business Developer to Oxylent s.a. whose role is to make the turnover take off as quickly as possible. This extremely specialised expert came in thanks to a subsidy obtained by WBC to cover a part of the remuneration that the young spin-out would not have been able to afford at that stage.

WBC organises regular meetings with Oxylent s.a. and has an observer seat on its board of directors in order to ensure that the effects of commercial acceleration will be obtained in the next few years and to anticipate new needs in terms of strategy and industrial implementation.