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You are an entrepreneur and you have decided to set up your future business in Wallonia?

WBC can help you launch your business!

Incubator services for start-ups

Financial assistance

We have our own financial resources, which are neither subsidies nor aid, in order to accelerate the process of setting up and industrialising incubated companies. The granting and repayment conditions of these amounts are defined on a case-by-case basis in order to provide a solution tailor-made to each project.

Management assistance

We can arrange partially remunerated management appointments through a subsidy from Sowalfin to recruit experienced managers specialised in supporting incubated companies. We can also arrange management appointments before the creation of a company in order to support the first fund raising.

Provision of expertise

We have an established twofold knowledge of the Life Sciences sector and the creation of businesses. This experience, enriched by contributions from experts selected for their specialised skills, is made available to each supported project.

Provision of a network

We are closely connected to the large network of biotechnology industries both in Wallonia and internationally. The supported projects benefit from this network to develop partnerships and accelerate their commercial deployment.

Support with promotion

On the request of companies, we can represent them at fairs or other international meetings in order to collect targeted information or to promote their activities. The objectives of this representation go from preliminary commercial canvassing to a search for partners or service points abroad.

One of the start-up projects helped by WBC

WBC helped three entrepreneurs give shape to their dream of launching their own business in the field of the production of innovative proteins.

X-Press is a start-up born from the finding by three employees of a multinational biotech company that there is a shortage of the commercial supply of such proteins. X-Press is positioned in the field of the non-GMP production of small quantities of proteins and peptides.

The first need identified during the launch of their project was to finance a person responsible for the administrative and financial aspects of the emerging company, so as to ensure the production of a quality business plan and to take the first steps with investors. As an incubator we were able to rapidly obtain a subsidy to partially remunerate this specialist. This assignment was a success and ended up in the creation of the company in April 2014.


The incubator then put in place an ambitious support plan to enable X-Press to equip itself with the first fermenters needed for the test production runs for the first customers. This intervention was in the form of a financial lease of an amount of € 160,000.
WBC regularly meets with the X-Press team to monitor the progress of the programme and to anticipate the future needs that the incubator could help to rapidly and effectively meet.