Mission and identity

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From the lab to a successful business:
WBC’s mission is to provide essential help to innovative life science projects

The role of the WBC

Our role is to develop innovative, competitive and sustainable Life Sciences companies in Wallonia.

We help with the structuring and development of scientific and technological projects thanks to a set of generic and specific support tools that cover the priority aspects of management, financing and the stages of prototyping, production and commercialisation.

About our story

The WBC was created in 2006 in the form of a limited company (société anonyme) called Biotech Coaching (WBC is its trade name) with a capital of € 2.5 million contributed by three shareholders, who are Sofipôle, Meusinvest and Sambrinvest.

The involvement of these last two, the one located in Liege and the other in Charleroi, means that, right from the start, we had a strong desire to see WBC work closely with all the universities and research institutions based in Wallonia as well as with all the public, institutional and private structures and associations involved in the creation and development of businesses in the Region. Networking is therefore particularly important with several competitiveness clusters involved in Life Sciences. 


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