DNAlytics is a Belgian company founded in 2012 as a UCLouvain Spin-Off that bases its activities on a data mining technology platform.

Based on this technology platform, DNAlytics proposes its expertise in the form of two separate offers: a data mining consultancy service and the development of a data-driven personalized medicine product pipeline. DNAlytics received various awards, namely from IBM, Microsoft, the European Commission and the MIT, both for its technology and its business model. 

DNAlytics R&D Services :
A tailored, on-demand data mining consultancy service for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and IVD companies, as well as academic research laboratories. We build diagnostic, prognostic, theranostic solutions based on mathematical modeling.


DNAlytics products :
We develop our own range of data-driven and web-implemented IVD products. These products are an excellent showcase of our expertise in data mining for personalized medicine, from R&D to market access. As our modeling capabilities do not have limits in terms of pathological field, nor in terms of data type, we could work on many applications in theory. We choose however to mainly focus on specific domains, such as Rheumatology and Oncology. Our first marketed product is RheumaKit, an innovative solution for the differential diagnostic of patients with Undifferentiated Arthritis. The solution combines a sample collection and transportation kit, a centralized laboratory process in order to extract a transcriptomic signature from the patient sample, and a web-based application with an embedded predictive model. The solution is CE-marked for differential diagnostic application, while theranostic applications are in development

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